We are all about websites

Planning From simple to complex, from light to heavy weight, from WordPress to custom, from

Automagic is the new automatic

You can’t clone yourself! We know. It’s a downer. But you may automate the things

We help solve your video needs

White label solutions We know that for some companies YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo or other social video

All in one –
Planning, developing and marketing service

Don’t spend your money on banner ads unless it’s worth it. Don’t build social media pages unless you plan to benefit from it. What point is there to make a video if it will have no viewers? What use is of a website when it doesn’t reflect who you are? Do you know how much traffic your website gets and how much it could get if it would be properly optimized? Do you know what people do on your website or how much time they spend there? Do you know why they leave or how to make them stay and make them want what your have to offer?

We are here to make all of this as it should be. We offer all-in-one solution from building websites, keeping pages up to date, building your social media strategy and successfully executing it. We will build you a list of clientele and keep them interested in your services with carefully tailored e-mail marketing. You have news? We help your news to get a reach in the web and meet the targeted market. We get people to talk, blog and think about you. We make them love you!

Here is a short list of what we do:

  • Design and programming – Building fast, simple and intelligent websites. Custom applications and widgets + more.
  • Administer and manage websites – Keep all the information on your sites up to date. We present the content in an attractive way so it would be easy to follow and of course in a way it would get well indexed in Google and other search engines.
  • Copyrighting and blogging – We’ll update your blog and we do it with style. We’ll help your content to reach targets
  • Search engine optimization – Bring more targeted traffic to your website. Raise Google page rank and search engine listings positions.
  • Social media marketing – Building professional looking social media channels, get clients to participate and communicate through those channels and of course make them more interested in your services and products.
  • E-mail marketing – Building and maintaining lists, sending newsletters and follow-up messages.

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